Extreme Blonde Torture

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 Bondage Torture




Modern Inquisition 14: Cassandra
After causing a stir at the nearby museum of torture, Cassandra is brought to the institute of modern inquisition. While waiting in her cell she has the vision of being tortured in her former life as witch in the Middle Ages, a vision, which arouses her much. The major general takes the case and examines the perverse lusts of Cassandra, who obviously needs an extremely hard education. She is brought into a dusty chamber, where she´s teased in the ancient art of torture.
extreme blonde torture
Cassandra is stretched out in archery, punished and starts moaning while the flames of fire lick her body. After fixed on a historic bank she nearly gets mad from the torture of tickling. The major general is successful and exorcises the perverse fantasies of the delinquent: the treatment with a hot immersion coil at stomach, tits and vulva brings Cassandra back to hard reality
extreme blonde torture   extreme blonde torture

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