Naked Girl Torture

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 naked girl torture


Modern Inquisition 1: Karin

There have been several witnesses reporting this scandolous, trouble making girl. It was announced that she has been seen laying completely naked in nature, lolling her infamous body in the sun and even masturbating! What a shame! But we have been informed about her, so the girl has been arrested and marched off for prison and re-education in our bastille
Karin, prisoner no.18, so got the chance to train against her badness and perverse longings, supported by the organisations therapies. The Reverend Mother decided to keep her as a long-time inmate, as it seems to be recommended to change her personal character by completely restructuring her mind. The Reverend is sure, Karin is a modern witch. Beside severe methods of punishment a painful therapy begins.


naked girl torture naked girl torture

Soon it is obvious that she is a case of hardship, as she further refuses to accept the accusation and the inhabitation in the bastille. This is a typical kind of behaviour such women have, well known since the time of the witch trails in the middle ages. So it is not a surprise that she is not convinced our methods will really help her to become a better human being. But after a first hard caning by the Reverend Mother she is convinced and she agrees grateful to keep staying in the fraternitys house, beginning her therapy at once.
One of the first methods of punishment is the use of the hot electric iron. It is used on her naked body as a kind of symbolic treatment: all her evil thoughts should be straightened away! The young slut should learn that lust is not the purpose her body exists for - for the next months or even years it will be PAIN.
As she is controlled by evil and perverted thoughts to her innermost, the delinquent is put into the ‘dark pit’ to learn another lesson, as the pit is helpful for such women to learn more about the essential of their livelihood. In case of Karin, she first should learn about personal hygiene, physical and mental also. The ice-cold water she gets for a washing in the pit and the usage of a rough brush should reduce her need to be naked lasting. In the darkness and narrowness of the pit she has time enough to feel what it means to be a dirty slut.
After her first night in the ‘dark pit’ she is prepared to complete the next training, also with intent to get her rid of undesirable and harmful corporal desires, her abnormal horniness. It is the training by the electro staff: all parts of her female body which are responsible to create sexual desires will get heavy electro shocks to teach her wanting to become chaste and mannered in her future live. This very painful therapy will have to be repeated over a long time period to be successful, but it is very effective.
A very important part of the electro therapy is exercising her to corporal discipline and constancy. So the delinquent herself has the power of decision, when the electric shocks are triggered. The electro-staff is inside her vagina while she is standing on her tiptoes, her heels above the trigger. Each time she looses discipline touching the trigger, she will get a heavy electric shock to make her stand up straight again. Some extra impulses caused by caning should help her to train for a great performance. But the poor girl seems to be not good enough - she failed several times.

naked girl torture

It seems to be wise not just to use the electro shocks at her vagina only - her whole body needs to be severely trained. In the final lesson of the second day, electric clamps are fixed at different parts of her body, finally at her nipples. The electric shocks now are caused after command of the Reverend Mother, so the witch never can be prepared when it hurts before. Through this lesson she should learn what her own waywardness meant for others before. After several heavy shocks she is crying for mercy at the end of the day.

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