Pregnant Torture

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 pregnant torture


Interrogatio 29: Alruna 1 - Dungeon Terror for Pregnant Witch 

The young and beautiful baroness Alruna is betrayed by her own mentor, who is an emulous friar, after she has been watched by him in her chamber, doing her personal hygiene. She is reported to the Inquisition, then soon she is arrested and brought to the witches tower. As she is of upper nobility, the Inquisitor follows an evil plan: before the interrogation begins, the baroness should be degraded by the worst methods even thinkable to make her loose all her dignity and pride. Wether the Inquisitor, nor the guards of the dungeon care about her circumstances: she is a pregnant woman, extremely vulnerable at all. With no mercy and no respect the chained pregnant witch is beaten and abused inhumanly. The first night in the dungeon means hell for that witch! This material is very rare and very shocking, based on historical facts!

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