Severe Torture

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severe torture


Modern Inquisition 5: Beth

 Beth is accused to have commited adultery several times to enjoy her abnormal sexual desires for other women. She two-timed her husband without feeling remorseful. Even in her cellar she does not stop: she has been found masturbating just before the first interrogation! she discredited the reputation of our house by her inacceptable behaviour. The punishment begins, and the bitch is fixed exposed and with her legs spread wide apart sitting on the interrogation chair. She is caned severely by the colonel.

Severe Torture
First of all her endurance is tested by electric torment at her tits. There is a rule which says that the more horniness and sexual perversion is in a woman, the greater is the pain and suffering she can stand. And, reverse: the more torment a girl stands, the more perversion may be in her mind. Beth stands a lot…
Of course the central discipline of any kind of punishment is whipping. As the Reverend Mother is most experienced in this issue, she begins using her crop on the delinquents gorgeous body and teach the bitch ‘dancing’
We decided to continue with using the ‘parrots perch’. This method is one of the most painful and degrading torture and it is ideal to be used for the re-education of modern witches like no.37 is..

Severe Torture
It means a lot of pain hanging naked and bound inconvenient from the perch. Her cunt and ass are exposed to be punished and controlled by the torturers and she cannot hide anything.
The punishment is continued by caning while she is hanging for a long time, so her body begins to hurt more and more. But even she has to suffer a lot it is obvious that she likes being treated by another woman..
The Reverend Mother is not amused about the delinquents behaviour. It seems like suffering makes that bitch wet and horny.To be sure that the delinquent likes being treated by a womans hands, the Reverend by herself is doing the test..painfully…
…which is just another proof of the delinquents guilt! Her whole body hurts, she must feel herself degraded and humiliated but her cunt keeps being wet and hot!
But it is the wrong way. The bitch has to be teached to serve and desire her husband! Her perverse sexualtity has to be turned to normal by further painful lessons..
To make her used to the ‘normal way of sexuality’ she must be trained by feeling manhood and male genitalia in overdose.
The witch is very receptive in all kinds of ‘male penetration’..what a surprise! If she will be satisfied if all her holes are plugged!?

Severe Torture
Her talent seems to be enough to serve as a good and well-educated wife once she has finished the re-eductation. But what is missing is her will! We are sure she will learn to like what is expected, but she will have to stay in our house for a long time first.
In the next lesson she has to learn more about subservience. The best way is to treat her like the dog she is, using a leash around her neck and crawling on the dirty floor.. she will learn more about her part in her life: a creature born to suffer and to serve her husbands will!

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