Teen Torture

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 teen torture


 Modern Inquisition 15: Heidi


 Heidi is collecting money for the protection of animals.

teen torture

The naive blonde arrives at the institute of the Modern Inquisition and tries to convince the Colonel for a donation by using her sexual attractiveness. But she fails. Just this moment Major Claudia, the delegate of the reverend himself, arrives for inspection of the institute. She is not amused about the situation and she does not trust in the intention of Heidi. So Heidi has to suffer a very special kind of body examination by the use of a vacuum cleaner! There is something deep inside her cunt - a kind of dog tag. But where is it for? Major Claudia begins with interrogation. The delinquent is punished by severe flogging until she cries. It seems that she is a spy, sent by a strange circle of modern witches. To learn more details about it, the slut becomes her tits bound by wire straps. Then her nipples and her cunt are hurt first by a file, then by a saw. After that, copper wires are attached at nipples and clit to be heated by a flame. Will the spy reveal her secrets?

teen torture    teen torture

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