Vaginal Torture

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vaginal torture

 Modern Inquisition 11: Therese



Impatiently the young and attractive countess is waiting for her friend, the reverend mother of the “new and merciful inquisition”.

But before everything has been prepared to welcome the reverend mother maid Therese has to do a lot. Worse luck that she seems to be very unskilled in fulfilling her orders and that´s why not only unique failure makes the countess furious.

So it seems more than adequate to rebuke this maid bitch before the arrival of this high attendance and to discipline her. You could not imagine if this senseless thing moves to a disgrace …
vaginal torture
Of course reverend mother comes on the dot for teatime. The maid serves a glass of fine sparkling wine. But that good wine sputters over and runs across the table. The worst fear of the countess turned to truth. In the eyes of her friend she is disgraced.

And to blame is maid Therese! Good luck that reverend mother knows how to handle especially this disabled stuff. Time has come to demonstrate Therese her position in the house and what is better as to denude her in a painful way?

Of course now she has to clean the dirty table. Too bad about a cloth but her soft and well-formed breasts are suitable for it.
vaginal torture
Not only her failure leads to be taken to the institute of the reverend mother. A conspicuous and even mysterious bracelet that shows a symbol of a witch circle also is the reason for further examination of that bitch.

How dare that young girl trying to affect the loyal colonel with corporal promises. But seen through that plan fast it leads to more disadvantage for Therese, who is now Nr. 37.

To find out the truth about that mysterious bracelet reverend mother orders the execution of several punishments. First should be a severe punishment at the rack.

Clearly order to answer remains without success. Now the policy is, who does not hear will feel now…

The reverend mother starts the punishment with the cane. No. 37 has to count the strokes.

But even those easy orders she either is not abled or not willed to fulfill. But here she is not faced to her too considerate mistress. Here the reverend mother controls the strict regiment.

To annoy her was no wise decision. Also the colonel is allowed to swing the cane until the reverend mother has to depart for other business.

Now the colonel is responsible to pedal the delinquent not wanting to disappoint his boss.
vaginal torture
So the absence of the reverend mother is definetely no break or alleviation for No. 37.

In the meantime thumbscrews affect with a simple mechanism and come up to the colonels´expectations to reach a maximum success with less corporal engagement. .

But the bitch stays tough. You have to concentrate on more sensitive parts. What arises better on a broad like her as her soft nipples?

So the pressure when using the screw clamps increases significantly. It seems to be just a question of time until success will be noticed…

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